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Using Bamboo Stair Treads To Upgrade The Look of Your Home

There aren't many better ways to enhance the look of your steps than bamboo stair treads. Use these guidelines when searching for yours.

Having a beautiful authentic hardwood staircase is everybody’s dream, but unfortunately it can’t be everyone’s reality as they are really expensive pieces of hardware.  You’re going to find that installing a full hardwood staircase in your home would be extremely expensive, and therefore something that you really can’t undertake unless you have a lot of money set aside.  But there are plenty of ways around this, and one of the more popular is through bamboo stair treads.

You’ll find that with stair treads you can make over a staircase to have the look of an authentic hardwood, and because you’re using up much less material you can do so at a fraction of the cost.  But there is a bit more planning that you have involved, and you’re still going to need to go shopping for treads in the right places.  You’re going to find that it’s not always so easy as you might think at first glance when you’re looking to find the right type of bamboo stair treads, so you have to keep these factors in mind:

1. First things first, measure your project.

If you’re going to want to buy some bamboo stair parts to work with your existing staircase, then you’re going to need to ensure that they meet the standard set by the stairs that you already have installed.  That means measuring them for the size of the face as well as the actual width that they encompass.  While many stairwells tend to follow the same type of measurements, you really can’t be too careful, and you don’t want to end up buying treads that just don’t fit.

Don’t forget to count up the number of stairs as well, as this is vital for buying the right number of treads.  If you have an odd number of stairs and you buy an even number of bamboo stair treads, something isn’t going to add up one way or another, so make sure that you do your counting before you go to the store.

2. Next, you want to think about what’s going to go around the treads.

While having the new additions is going to really make your stairs stand out and look great, it’s what you do with the rest of the wood that really matters. You’re going to have to cover it up somehow, so that you can convert the look of the stairs to be more streamlined and stylish.  One of the problems that you’re going to face when it comes to bamboo stair treads and natural woods that are surrounding them is that the grains don’t match up and that’s going to look bad.

This is why you paint, and you want to find a color that’s going to work well with your home. Whether you want to go with a cool fashionable black or darker color to work with the lighter contrast of the bamboo. Or you can also go with something nice and bright, even like a white paint to really make them look clean and sleek, adding to the natural light features around you.

3. Buying in the right places.

While you may think that once you have the idea to get bamboo stair parts, places like Home Depot or other major retailers are where you want to go looking when it comes time to buy.  But that’s actually not the case, unless you want to pay a pretty high mark up for the overall cost.  Try these online alternatives instead.  They provide great quality at even better prices:


Your source for all things bamboo for the home, including fantastic bamboo stair treads.  This way, you can choose amongst several different styles as well, to really get a feel for what you should add to your home.


They have a whole section dedicated to flooring which also encompasses your stairs, and ensures you’re able to find just about everything to do with bamboo stair treads.


Once again, another great resource to investigate when you’re looking to add some quality authentic hardwood treads to your stairs.  They are assured of getting the job done, and are really going to upgrade the style of your home.

Just remember to buy the right thickness when you’re actually shopping bamboo stair parts.  A big mistake that some people go is buying thinner treads because they are cheaper, but they don’t stand up to abuse as long, and can crack or break down the line, and that’s not something that you want with your stairs.


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