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Stylish Stair Tread Carpet Options For Staircases

Stair tread carpet offers a soft, stylish, and safe carpeted touch to any stairway.

Stairs can be very dangerous, and installing a railing isn’t always enough to make them entirely safe.  If you have hardwood stairs, and find that you walk about your house in socks fairly often, you could be at risk of accidentally slipping.  To avoid this, and ensure you and your family’s safety it might be a good idea to install stair tread carpet.  This will provide traction and enough friction to keep your steps under control, whether you’re wearing socks or bare foot.  That way you can walk comfortably throughout your home, without having to worry about your safety.

What are Stair Treads?

Stair tread carpeting refers to the technique of installing a row of carpet down the middle of a staircase.  This provides an elegant classic look and feel, and also makes your stairs much safer.  The problem with hardwoods is that they are a very smooth surface, and smooth slippery surfaces don’t lend themselves to stairs very well.  A stair tread carpet allows you to completely avoid any of those pitfalls, and enables you to remain completely safe in your home.  Sometimes a railing just isn’t enough to catch yourself if you should slip.


One of the first things you will have to do before carpet shopping, is take accurate measurements of your stairwell.  By doing this yourself you save money on having a professional come to your home, just to measure your stairs.  But if you aren’t confident in your own abilities, make sure that you have help, because this can be a complicated job.  Each stair must be measured for length and height all the way up your entire stairway.  That way you can get a rough estimate on how much carpeting you’ll be needing to install.  Then you have a way to judge prices, before having the carpeting installed, so you have a good idea of the budget this job will require.


From there you’ll want to go carpet shopping so that you can find carpeting that you’re completely happy with.  Stair tread carpet is no different than any other type, so you’ll want to find a consistency, and color that you approve of.  Something that suits your décor, and that will feel nice every time you walk upon it.  That way you ensure you’ll having something that you enjoy on your stairway, every time you walk from place to place within your home.

Contractor vs. Doing it Yourself

When you’re actually looking to purchase a stair tread carpet, you will need to find a contractor or a carpet store if you plan on doing the job yourself.  Contractors will be able to guide you through the process, and then install the carpeting for you once you’ve chosen a type.  Typically your average stair tread carpet will cost into the hundreds or low thousands to install, depending upon the size of your stairwell and the company you use.  If you’re installing yourself, you can really save money by not having to use a contractor.  But make sure you are completely confident in your abilities.

If you do happen to try it yourself, you will also need to install padding underneath the carpet. For additional information on that technique, watch this video.

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