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Rubber, Metal Vinyl and More Stair Nosing Options

Stair nosing options include choices such as rubber, metal, aluminum, wood and vinyl for extra slip protection and support.

Finding new and unique ways to do up your stairs is always a great idea when you’re looking for a way in which you can really change around the look of your home for the better.  By adding things like stair nosing, you can totally change the look of your staircase in a way that you may never have though possible before, so that you have a totally different looking area, that you’ll really enjoy, without having to spend a lot of money.  That can be the name of the game in remodeling your home, because ripping up the stairs and starting over is going to cost well into the thousands.  But with the right style of stair nosing, you can get the same look as a thousand dollar job, at a fraction of the price.

Style Options

Of course, what you’re going to find with any type of stair addition like this, is that you have a lot of different options on the style you would like to implement.  Depending upon what you would like to add, there are all sorts of different types of stair nosing out there that you can put atop your stairs. But you also want to understand what nosing really does. They are basically panels that you install over the top of a stair, but that feature a lip that go over the bottom panel of a stair that almost look like a nose jutting out slightly.  They are stylish additions to any property, and are bound to really add to the look of a room.

Other Options

But of course, you do want to buy the right type of stair nosing so that you can be sure you can achieve the type of style you would really like to achieve for your home.  Of course that almost always means choosing the right style of wood, as you want to go with hardwood whenever you’re talking about adding something to your staircase.  There are all different types of wood out there as well that you can add, so that you can ensure you’re able to capture just the right type of look for your home.  Whether you’re looking for the lighter more vibrant and lively pine style, or the more deep and relaxing cherry wood.  There’s something out there for just about everyone.

Sizing and Fitting

Just be sure you really think about logistics before ordering your stair nosing, so that you can ensure it’s actually going to fit on your stairwell. That means you have to ensure they are the exact size that you need for installing to each stair, otherwise they are not going to fit correctly.  What’s more, you want to be sure that you have the right type of stair nosing for how many stairs you have as well.  Remember to get enough to cover the surface of each stair, but also to ensure you have a spare incase a stair gets damaged or for if you actually make a mistake.  That way you always have a quick replacement.

Once you are ready for the installation process, take a look at videos like this to get a good idea on what to do.

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