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Stair Climber Equipment and Machines

A stair climber is available in the form of many steppers, giving you equipment and machines to make climbing steps and stairways easy.

While climbing stairs is an everyday task that most people take for granted, it can be something that is not so easily done for others. For those involved in jobs that require heavy lifting, getting loads up and down stairs where a lift is not available can be a difficult task. Getting up and down stairs is also more difficult for those that are infirm or need the use of a wheelchair. However devices have been developed to ease these problems and make getting up and down stairs easier with a stair climber being one of these.


Stair climber products come in a few different varieties. There are those that are specifically designed for use with wheelchairs. The aim of these is to make it easier and more comfortable for those that are wheelchair bound to get up and down stairs. While many modern public buildings that are constructed tend to be wheelchair friendly and include ramps, this is not true of all buildings and many can still provide access by stairs only. This can be frustrating for those in a wheelchair who can find it difficult to access many buildings.

What are Climbers?

Bumping a wheelchair up and down stairs is not particularly safe or comfortable and a simpler solution is to use a stair climber. These are generally battery operated devices that can be fitted onto a wheelchair although some modern wheelchairs have them in-built. An example of a device that can be fitted to most standard wheelchairs is the Scalamobil from Frank Mobility Systems. This is a small electric device with four rotating wheels at the base of the unit. As the wheel chair is pulled up to a step the wheels rotate and smoothly lift the chair up to the next step. The electric motor does all the work and the person pulling the wheelchair only needs to guide it. The device is suitable on all types of staircase and can move a wheelchair up and down steps which are a height of 4 to 8 inches. On one charge the battery of the device is generally capable of moving a wheelchair up 300 steps. The device costs in the region of $6,000 to purchase.

Here are two different types of climbers to get a better idea. The first is a truck, and the second is a wheelchair.

Stair Climber Hand Trucks

For those that work in occupations where lifting heavy loads up and down stairs is required there are also stair climber hand trucks on the market which can make this a much easier task. These can typically be manually belt or wheel driven or battery operated and some of the companies that produce these include Global Industrial, Northern Tool and Wesco. The most affordable tend to be the manually operated systems with the Industrial Strength Steel Hand Truck with Stair Climbers from Global Industrial costing around $90. Battery powered stair climbing hand trucks are generally more expensive to purchase with some of these costing $1,000 plus.


For getting people and materials up and down stairways, a stair climber can be a useful accessory to have available. These can be designed to fit onto wheelchairs to move these more comfortably on stairs. They can also be used on hand trucks to make moving heavy loads up and down stairs an easier task. For both situations a stair climbing device is something to consider to help make life a little easier.

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