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Metal and Wooden Classic Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are a classic stairway form, with metal makes like steel, aluminum, and iron, and wooden staircases a great choice as well.

Residential homes or commercial properties that have two or more floors need a means of getting from one to another. The way in which this is usually done is with a staircase. The most common type is a straight staircase although these can typically take up a lot of floor space. This can be a disadvantage in most properties although particularly so in a smaller home or office. However there are alternatives to a straight staircase with spiral stairs being one of these.

What Are Spiral Stairs?

Spiral stairs are a style of staircase which is constructed of steps that wrap tightly around a central column. They will generally be built to include a handrail for safety and they can be an excellent space saving option for a home or office. They typically take up much less space than a standard straight staircase and this is one of their great advantages, as they free up floor space which can be better used. This can make a home more spacious to live in.

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More Benefits

As well as taking up less space, another benefit of spiral stairs is that they are decorative and, in themselves, can provide an attractive feature which can improve the look of a home. They can be manufactured of wood to provide a more traditional look or for a more contemporary feel various types of metal can be used. Some of the metals commonly used include steel, aluminum and forged iron. It is possible to use a spiral staircase internally in a property to connect two floors and wood or metal can be used for these. It is also possible to use spiral staircases on the exterior of a building to gain access to first floor balconies for example and metal is the more common option for this.


If you decide that spiral stairs would be an appropriate addition to your home there are a number of manufacturers that produce them. Salter Spiral Stair is one of these and they produce a wide range in wood and metal from which to choose. Prices for their standard spiral staircases start at around $670 for a basic steel staircase. However this price can rise into the thousands of dollars depending on the size and type of materials used in the construction. Prices for their aluminum deck stairs, for example, start around the $3,700 mark.

Another company that manufactures spiral stairs is Stairways Incorporated. They can install a custom built spiral staircase and also produce spiral staircase kits in a variety of materials for internal and external use. The materials they have available include wood, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. They can be contacted online or by phone for a quote for their products. Other companies to consider for spiral staircases include Stairplan and Wells Osborne and they can also provide quotes for their spiral staircases.

Decorative Staircases

Spiral stairs can be a decorative addition to your home. As well as being an attractive feature they are also practical and can be a great space saving option. This can be of benefit in any home, although in smaller properties it can help open out the rooms and provide valuable additional space. This makes it worth considering for your home.

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