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Drop, Pull Down Attic Stairs and Ladders

Pull down attic stairs are a great means of saving space, with folding step ladders that drop down from the ceiling only when you need them.

Choosing a set of pull down attic stairs is really important so that you can make your attic about as accessible as possible.  With the right set of stairs you’re going to be able to ensure that you’re able to pull down those steps and go in a flash, so that you can get to and from the attic with ease.  This way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of having to grab a ladder, or any other type of device just to access your upper storage.  What’s more, pull down attic stairs can add a lot of character and vintage style to any home, and that’s always going to tack a bit of overall value onto the house should you choose to sell someday.

Essential Decisions

Of course, you do want to purchase the right type of pull down attic stairs, so that you can be sure you have something that’s going to be an asset for you to use at any time.  That means really thinking about the style of stairs that you want to buy, so that you can be sure they have the look and ease of use that you really want.  The most classic format are wooden folding stairs.  These are made to actually fold up onto a platform, so that they can be pulled down, and then folded out for regular use.  This way, you’re able to literally make a full and solid staircase out of nothing, so that you can get up to that attic in an instant.

Smaller Options

Otherwise, if you’re more after a method that doesn’t require quite so much space in your home, as a stairwell is going to do, you want to go with pull down attic stairs that are a bit smaller.  That’s where a telescoping attic ladder can come in so handy.  These are literally made to ensure that you can just pull a ladder out of nowhere.  That’s because they feature a telescoping action which allows every rung of the ladder to literally collapse in on themselves, and fold to a very small size.

Features Available

Really it’s just important to be sure that any type of pull down attic stairs you actually choose, has the features that you really need for your home.  That means it’s important to think about things like weight limitations, as well as things like length.  You obviously want the stairs to be long enough to reach to your floor, so that it’s really easy for you to get up and down.  But you also want to ensure that you find the right type of pull down attic stairs, so that you can be sure they are also strong enough to support your weight and the weight of any items you’re going to be carrying up and down.

Where To Purchase

Of course, you also want to be sure that you find the right type of pull down attic stairs, based upon where you’re actually going to buy them.  That means you have to shop at hardware stores, where you’re most likely to have the most options at the lowest prices.

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