Exploring the stair railing, treads, balusters, and more

Wood, Iron and Aluminum Outdoor Stair Railings

Outdoor stair railings for a deck or other staircase location are a great touch, with aluminum, wrought iron, wood and more to choose from.

While stairs are a practical feature that most properties will need they can also be a location in or around a property which have potential to cause an accident. It therefore pays to make the stairs at your home or office as safe as possible. This is especially the case on outdoor stairs which can be sited in hard paving areas and therefore the consequences of a fall can be more serious. To improve safety it is therefore sensible to use outdoor stair railings on exterior staircases.


Installing outdoor stair railings has a few benefits. Safety is obviously the main benefit and having a hand rail to hold on to when going up or down the steps can help to prevent accidental falls. It should therefore be considered whatever size of outdoor staircase you have. Railings can be used for staircases in a number of outdoor locations such as patio stairs leading to a garden, stairs used to access a first floor balcony from ground level or stairs leading up to the main door of a property.

As well as safety, outdoor stair railings can also be used as a decorative feature to improve the look of the exterior of a property. They are produced in a number of attractive styles and this can vary from a standard straight post railing to highly decorative and ornate looks. Stair railings for outdoor use can be produced in both wood and metal. Metal is typically the most common option with aluminum, wrought iron and steel being commonly used. However wood railings are also available if this is more in keeping with the style of the property.

Companies to Consider

If you decide to install outdoor stair railings at your property there are a number of companies that produce stairway components. Some of those to consider include

- Stair Supplies

- Stair Warehouse

- Stair Service

These companies have a range of railings available that can be used on outside stairs and these are available in a variety of materials.

How They Are Made

Typically a railing is made up of balusters which are the vertical posts and a handrail which is affixed to the top of the balusters. It is possible to buy these separately or as a single unit. Some of the things you need to consider when purchasing railings include the height of the railing which needs to be convenient for people to reach out and comfortably hold the handrail. The thickness of the handrail should also be considered since it needs to be convenient for easy gripping to help stop a fall if someone trips. It can be a good idea to contact your local building department as they will typically have codes giving standard specifications for outdoor railings and it is best to comply with these.

Outdoor Decoration

Outdoor stair railings can be a decorative feature to add to the exterior stairs around your home. They are also a practical addition as they will improve the safety of the stairs and help to prevent accidents. It can therefore be a good idea to install them and is something to be considered if you have outdoor stairs at your property.

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