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Newel Post and Banister Poles For Stairs

A newel post plays a critical role in the support of a stair banister, with poles made in decorative designs ranging from antique to modern.

Getting the right type of newel post designs for your home can be really important when you’re looking to dress up the style of a handrail in a completely new way.  With these, you’re going to be able to ensure that you have an asset that’s really going to add to the structure of a staircase.  But you can also ensure that you have just what you need so that you can be sure that your staircase is going to last a much longer time, because they are going to be just that much more durable.  It’s just a matter of choosing the style of newel post that is going to do the job for you.

Sizing/Amount of Post Options

You’re going to find all sorts of different types of posts out there like these, but you do need to be sure of a few things.  Namely, you want to be sure that you’re buying enough, and you also want to be sure that they are of the right length legally, to be used within a staircase.  That means you have to measure out how many you’re going to need, for the length of the staircase, to get them evenly spread throughout the entire rail.  But you also have to be sure they fall between 34 inches to 38 inches in length, so that you can ensure that they are long enough to be legally recognized as having the necessary safety features.

Choosing The Proper Style

Of course, you also want to be sure that you go looking for the newel post that is really going to add a lot to the structure of your home as well, in terms of style.  Typically these are made from wood, and can have a few different types of designs. There are those that feature more stylish designs, so that they have all sorts of features carved into the structure and surface of the wood.  But then there are also those newel posts that also feature just a straight up and down shape, that’s the same size throughout, so that you can be sure they have more of a focus on overall strength, opposed to anything else.

Post Strength

But with the right style of newel post, you’re also going to find that you have to be sure that they provide you with the strength that you need to make your railing safe.  You’re going to find that they provide a lot more strength, but still a limited amount in terms of the types of materials you choose.  Some posts like these feature metal cores, and that’s usually a good idea so that you can be sure they are strong enough to support a ton of weight. But when you’re going with solid wood, it’s usually a good idea to disperse more throughout area, to give you the same trade off strength wise.

Online and In-Store Shopping Options

Buying the most ideal style of newel post is pretty easy though, as most hardware stores are going to have just what you need.  Stores like an Ace Hardware Superstore for example, is going to have just about any style of post that is going to improve your staircase for the better.

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