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Steel, Wrought Iron, Aluminum and Other Metal Stairs

Metal stairs come in different forms including steel, wrought iron, and aluminum, making durable and sleek looking stairways.

There are many features in a home that can add to the overall appeal of the property and one of these is the stair case. There are various options for this and staircases are available that can be used inside and out to get between the various floors in a property. While wood was the traditional material used for staircases, these days’ metal stairs are an option and these can be a practical addition to a property.

Styles Available

Metal stairs are available in a variety of styles and can typically be used as an option for most staircase locations. The most common style is the open staircase where treads are used for stepping on but no risers are included such that you can effectively see through the staircase. A number of materials can be used to fashion stairs from metal with steel, aluminum and iron being some of those used.

Spiral Stairs

Inside the home the most common type of metal stairs used are spiral stairs. These comprise a set of steps which are wound around a central pole. These can be a decorative addition to a home and many people like them as a space saving option for their property. While metal can be used for a set of straight stairs inside a home this is less common. However they can be used as pull down stairs to gain access to a loft or attic space.

Exterior Stairs

Exterior stairs on a property are typically made from metal and these can be used for a number of purposes. This includes gaining access to a first floor balcony from the garden and also leading up to a front door in properties that are built higher off the ground. Both spiral and straight metal staircases can be used for this purpose. If you want a fire escape on the exterior of your home the most common type will be constructed of metal.

Other Uses

Metal stairs are also commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. This can include in warehouses, factories, large supermarkets and other similar properties. There are a few advantages to using metal for a staircase. It is a strong, durable material that will typically last for a number of years. It is also relatively maintenance free and should remain in good condition with the minimum of effort require for this. They are usually easy to install with most being supplied in parts that are relatively simple to assemble.

Places To Order

If you decide to install a metal staircase there are many places these can be purchased. Salter Spiral Stair is an option for a spiral staircase and they produce staircases in aluminum, forged iron and steel. Lapeyre Stairs produce a range of prefabricated metal stairs which are designed for industrial and commercial properties while Artistic Iron Works produce a range of metal stairways for residential use.

Metal stairs can be a simple addition to a home or commercial building. They are generally simple to install and should remain in safe working order for many years. Whether used inside or out they can provide an attractive and practical addition to your property and this makes them a good choice of staircase.

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