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Sturdy, Durable Metal Stair Railings and Handrails

Metal stair railings serve as sturdy and safe handrails in any staircase.

The right choice of metal stair railings can be an elegant, but also extremely durable solution to your staircase.  They come in several different styles, so that you’re guaranteed to find one that’s perfect for your home.  A new railing really allows you to change the aesthetic of your stairwell, to match the changing décor around your home.  Plus there are a variety of different types of metal stair railings to choose from, for both indoor and outdoor environments, so there’s guaranteed to be something perfect for you, no matter your personal preference.


But of course, the first task before buying metal stair railings of any kind, will be to figure out the size that you need for your home.  This is important, so that you can determine the cost that you can expect, so that you will also be able to set an appropriate budget. This is important, so that you can determine how much the staircase of your choice will cost, so that you can avoid spending too much money.  To measure for your metal stair railings all you really have to do is measure the distance from the top of your stairs to the bottom, at the proper angle.  That will at least give you a rough estimate of the size that you’ll be looking for, so that you can get a better idea of the job at hand.

Where Will You Put The Railing?

From there, you’ll also need to consider where your metal stair railings will be placed.  The materials used for outdoor railings are not the same as those used in indoor structures.

Outdoor Use

When it comes to an outdoor railing, you’ll find that nothing works better than cast iron.  This material is extremely strong, and guaranteed to stand up to any weather condition.  That means you’ll have a strong railing that you can rely upon, under literally any circumstances.  Plus they come in a wide variety of unique styles, so you’re guaranteed to find something perfect under literally any circumstances.

Indoor Use

For an indoor stairwell, you’ll probably want to go with aluminum metal stair railings.  This is because aluminum is both more visually appealing, and smoother to the touch.  This is important, as you’re likely to use the indoor railing more often, so you want it to be comfortable to grip every single time.  Plus, aluminum is also ideal simply because there are a wide variety of different colors, as well as styles available.  That means there is a perfect railing out there for literally any personal taste, so that you can outfit your home in the way that you want.

Buying Options

The best places to buy metal stair railings of any kind, are always going to be through contractors or hardware stores.  A contractor is capable of building your railing specifically for your home, so that you can have one designed specifically for you.  Whereas a hardware store will have a preset selection of railings to choose from, so you’ll have to purchase pre-made metal stair railings to adapt to your home.  Customized railings are always more expensive, but do add more style and value to your home, so you’ll want to consider your investment carefully.

In the end, are you looking to install these railings yourself? Well, if you are, this a good starting point.

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