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Residental and Commercial Glass Elevator Lifts

The glass elevator is a great residential or commercial passenger option, bringing to mind the lift from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Installing a glass elevator in your building can be a stylish way to really draw attention to your location, and ensure that your business is noticed like never before.  You’ll find that these types of elevators are extremely useful for really adding that wow factor to any building, and ensuring that you’re able to create a positive environment that your workers or customers are going to feel very receptive to you.  You’ll find that types of elevators like these are commonly used in a variety of different places, from major businesses like malls, to corporate office buildings as well.  It’s just a matter of ensuring that you have the right type of glass elevator, for the area in which it will be installed.


The biggest factor in choosing the most ideal glass elevator, is just in the type that you would like to purchase.  You’ll find that there are a variety of different kinds, and you want to choose the type that’s right for you, based upon the experience that you’re looking to create.  You’ll find that some elevators can be made entirely, from floor to ceiling, with a special safety glass that’s practically unbreakable.  But then you can also find elevators that simply feature glass walls, and have a sturdy metal ceiling as well as floor.  The right type is just a matter of choosing the elevator that you feel provides the best experience.

Glass elevators can be found all around the world. The famous one on the Eiffel Tower is shown in this video.

System Options

You also want to choose the right system by which your elevator is going to be carried from place to place.  You’ll find that there are a variety of different methods by which glass elevator models can be pulled from one floor to another, and you want to choose the right kind for the size of your building.  You’ll find that the most common types, are through the pulley systems, in which powerful pulleys actually pull the elevator up, or slowly release to descend the cart.  These types are ideal for major buildings, and are just what you need if you’ve got a long way for the elevator to travel up and down.

Smaller Buildings

Of course, you also want to be sure that you go with the right type of glass elevator for a smaller building as well. If your building only comprises a few floors, you want to go with a different type of elevator that’s more made for smaller buildings.  In that case, you want to go with hydraulic models, which actually function off of air pressure.  These are ideal for buildings with 8 or fewer floors, and are capable of getting the job done in the same way that a commercial pulley system might.

Hiring a Contractor

Having your glass elevator installed always means you want to go through a commercial contractor.  That’s where you’ll be able to order the elevator, as well as have the work performed for you..  But this is going to be costly, so you’re going to want to get quotes from multiple construction companies.  This way, you can find the lowest price for your glass elevator, so that you can install great style in your building, without having to totally break the bank.

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