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Estimating Spiral Staircase Prices Before Installation

It's crucial to know spiral staircase prices in order to get a general idea in advance. Here's a look at cost by type, as well as installation information.

Figuring out how much something is going to cost before you commit to any type of major work on your home is usually pretty vital when you’re trying to figure out if major renovations are in the budget.  That’s why researching something like spiral staircase prices before having them installed is key, so that you can figure out if this type of staircase is really the right type of investment for your home.  You’re going to find that a lot can go into the cost, so it’s not always so easy to determine just a general price.

Basically you have to think about a few things here, from the cost of materials to the cost of installation and the like.  That’s all going to add up to the final cost, and this is what you want to know about when you’re actually estimating spiral staircase prices.  It’s not just about the price that you can get on materials, as even if you can find a great deal on the staircase and supplies themselves, you still have to think about the other factors.

1. First off, you want to start out with your measurements.

This means figuring out just how large you want the stairwell to be.  One of the biggest factors with spiral stairs prices is going to be the actual size of the stairs that you want to install, as the larger you go the more it’s going to cost you.  So here you want to think about a few things really, and one of the most important facets that you want to spend some time on is just how tall it’s going to have to be to reach from floor to ceiling, but then you also have to get a handle on just how wide you want the stairwell to be as well.

2. Now you want to think about materials.

Realize right off the bat that some spiral staircase prices are going to be a lot higher based upon what you’re actually using for the staircase itself.  You’re going to find that typically you have the most common choices of wood or metal.  While it’s not true in most cases, you’ll find that here wood tends to be a lot cheaper, so going with a good sturdy hardwood is going to be the more affordable option.  Plus that’s also going to give the stairway a much more attractive and cozy look for a home. A lot of the time you can expect spiral staircase prices of around $1,000 and under here.

But then you also want to think about durability in the long term, as well as how much abuse the staircase is going to be taking on.  If you’re looking for something in a home with kids, then you always want to go metal, as nothing else is going to have the same long term durability and power to hold up under all sorts of long term abuse.  You’ll find that a good quality stainless steel spiral staircase can hold up under just about any type of abuse, and kids or no they are going to be around for decades without any problems. For these spiral staircase prices you’re more looking at $2,000 to $3,000.

3. Do it yourself installation, or hiring a professional.

Finally, the last major decision that’s going to hit you in the wallet is going to be whether you want to go with a home installation kit or if you want to have the job done by a professional.  When you go with spiral staircase kits they have everything that you need to construct and set up the staircase by  yourself, so that you can install them within your home without too much of a problem. This way, all you pay is the cost of the actual staircase itself.

But you can also choose professional installation through which a contractor is going to be able to install the staircase that you buy, for you.  This is pretty expensive and can add a good chunk of what you already paid onto the cost overall.  However, it’s a much more safe way as you can ensure trained professionals are able to do the work for you.  Then you’ll also find that you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle that comes with spiral staircase kits either.


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