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Unique, Durable and Safe Cable Deck Railing

A cable deck railing gives a unique look and safety attributes to any deck or patio, with stainless steel, metal, and wood rails.

A cable deck railing can be a great and inexpensive way to covert your deck into a brand new and fantastic style.   Almost resembling the supports you would find on a suspension bridge, these railings can be a fantastic way to add stability, as well as style.  They are designed to be extremely strong, so that you can totally rely on them, but what’s more, they are also relatively quick and easy for any professional to install.  That means, all you really have to decide, is which cable deck railing will suit your property the best.

Cost and Size Options

Of course, the first thing that you’ll want to do, is measure your existing railing, so that you can get a good idea on the cost that you can expect.  There are different types of cable deck railing designs, and the cost that you can expect will depend upon how long your railing will need to be.  For that reason, you have to measure the existing railing that you will be replacing, or measure the area where your new addition will be placed.  This way you get a great idea of the cost that you can expect, so that you can better set a realistic budget for the materials that you can afford.

Materials to Use

When it comes to actually choosing a cable deck railing, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider, the first of which being the material that you would like the railing to be constructed from.  Most cables are fairly similar, and so the decision there will be fairly easy.  But the posts that support the cables can be made from materials like wood and metal.  The type you choose will affect the style of your deck overall, as well as how stable your railing may be.  Nothing is stronger than metal or stainless steel, but it also doesn’t match as well as authentic wood, so you’ll want to weigh strength against aesthetic appeal.

Amount to Use

Something else that you’ll need to consider, is the type of cables that you’re planning on using, as well as the amount.  A taller railing will need more cables, to be perfectly stable and secure on your deck.  But you’ll also want to think about the thickness of the cables within your cable deck railing.  There are different thicknesses, and you need to choose one that is supportive enough for you.  Depending upon the materials that you’ve chosen for your rail posts, you may need to go with a smaller cable, so that your post can hold the weight safely and successfully.  For example, wood would need a thinner cable, whereas metal can withstand a very thick cable.

Installation Process

In pretty much every scenario, you’ll want to have your cable deck railing designed and installed by a professional.  Installing the cables alone can be extremely difficult, especially if you’ve never gone through the process before.  You should be able to find landscaping contractors in your area, and they should be able to provide deck services in most cases.  Through the right company you should be able to have your cable deck railing designed professionally, so that you have a deck that you can enjoy safely for years to come.

Here’s a great look at some choices you could use for this type of railing system anywhere at your home or office.

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