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Aluminum Railing Systems For Stairs, Decks and More

Whether for a handrail on stairs at home, a deck, or any public setting, aluminum railing systems are a great means of safety and boundary.

Installing aluminum railing systems in your home, or on your deck, can be a great way to provide enhanced stability as well as safety to any structure.  Navigating the stairs can be dangerous, and you need a railing that’s up to the task.  Only a metal like aluminum is capable of holding up under the pressures that high traffic areas face.  That makes aluminum railing systems an ideal choice for any stairwell, so that you can navigate your stairs more safely and securely, with a handrail that you can trust.


The main advantage of aluminum railing systems is simply within their enhanced strength and stability.  Aluminum is a common metal that is used in all sorts of structures, and you’ll find that when it’s used within the home, it’s remarkably durable and strong, for whatever purpose you could possibly have.  Nothing will hold up under extreme pressure as well.  Plus, aluminum railing systems can be conformed to any type of winding staircase much better than wood will ever be capable.  That makes this an ideal choice for irregular, or uniquely designed staircases, so that you can move upstairs and downstairs in complete safety.

Indoor Systems

All you have to do is find the right type of aluminum railing systems for your area.  Indoor systems tend to be more rounded so that they are comfortable to the touch, as they are used more often.  You can also have your railing wall mounted if you don’t have the room for a full standalone handrail.  Although nothing captures the style of unique aluminum railing systems with stylish balusters that allow you to flaunt your staircase in a whole new light. A new indoor railing system can be a great way to change the whole dynamic of your home after all.

Outdoor Systems

When you’re installing outdoor aluminum railing systems, your biggest concern should be stability, as well as durability.  Outdoor systems need to be built to last, especially for all of the adversity that they will face.  An outdoor system is going to take some punishment, whether it be from heavy traffic, or harsh weather conditions.  For this reason, you want to buy a stronger grade of aluminum, as well as a special coating to help protect against moisture damage, and other types of corrosion that can occur when metal is exposed to the outdoors.

Where to Buy

You can find any type of aluminum railing systems supplies you need from most big hardware retailers.  Whether you’re looking to shop at Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’ll be surprised by the selection of items that they have available.  Hardware stores like these are ideal for the small do it yourself jobs, but when it comes to installing major aluminum railing systems, you’ll want to go through a contractor.  This way you can ensure that your railing is properly installed, as well as built, so that you can ensure your structure is really made to last.  Plus you’ll be able to travel your stairs in complete safety, and stability, every single time.

Looking for some design ideas? This video has quite a few views of these types of railing systems.

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